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The HYIP Project is a kind of Mapping System that is formed to do its best to find and recommend the best for you. It relays deeply on a kind of a unique formation that will always become unified on every directions. We develop the concept of this Unique Mapping System as an Open Source Project by taking a business called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) which we found as a perfect model for us as a starting point to be discussed prior other widely business models on the long time running.
Assuring you of our best intentions, there is no such thing similar with this kind of concept.

The project is made in the purpose of getting a possibility to build an interface to generate an integrated info by setting the formation. On this project, the formation of three to four takes place to start. The three presents Hyip(1), Concept(2), and Programs(3), while the four are Site Building(3), Monitoring System(2), Business Networking(3), and Project Mapping(4)

We have started our documentation of our mapping as shown here by diagram (available also in slide and video version) which begin with our Project Information in general. We will also introduce our initial Repository along with the Wiki. We are going to setup our Portal for all the 'HYIP Script' that belong to the Project on GitHub, BitBucket, and SourceForge as well as our Script Portal on the most well-known programming like PHP, Python, Java, Go with possible also Node.js, Scala, Clojure, and Ruby.

On top of them, as we’re formalizing our Networking System, we are expanding our Public Discussion into several media's i.e. Hyip Blog, Forum, News, Group, Community, and Channel which Formation covers six (6) Sozializing Plan in sequential of Hyip Monitoring & Rating(1), Marketing Strategy(2), Application Script(3), Topic Discussion(4), News & Blogging(5), and Social Coding(6).

The project discussion will not only cover the HYIP Sites Analysis but also the HYIP Forum, HYIP Monitor, HYIP Rating, and every other sources that are involved in the business. You are welcome to join if you find your interest on each one of them.

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System Mapping

In short, our concept is all about formation. An easy example, counting the total number of an individual duplicated in pair will become three. Pairing it to even with another four, the total will be seven (7).
Forming the seven by three to four lies twelve. Pairing them to even produces a total of twenty four (24).
In our concept these process would present the total hours and days that stays fix in time cycle (24/7).

The mapping covers also the nature of life object. In humans, each cell normally contains twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, for a total of forty-six. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. Combine with the last pair, the sex chromosomes, which differ between males and females (females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome), in our concept, employs by means of hexagonal array of twenty four (24).

Going deeper into the process of DNA Replication in a chromosome, you may find a conjunction with the routes on all processes happen in our Mapping Diagram, where, at last, the routes generate their channels in hexagonal form that coherence with twelve to twelve by six to six in pairs running like hours in cycle (24).
Pairing the twelve with the associated group on the row of hyip then it will become a new cycle begin to run when all together is unifed and formed by means of twenty four (24).

One Nature is contributed to seven (7) by three fo four. On other side, combining one Nature, two Form, and three Route become six in total. Three by four complement one to six. Both are formed hexagonal.
As our mapping is generated in seven (7) kind of unique processes, so when the concept is implemented then its form will intent to acquire the optimal solution on every run to become unified as time cycle (24/7).

Just do the way they want. Not of what you think.
Let them find their way to help you get what you want.

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Project Map

In conjunction with our concept which is contributed to seven (7) by three fo four, our project map absorb the nature of Chromosome_9 which has a central location on the twenty three pairs for a total of forty-six human chromosome. The chromosome has the largest interferon gene cluster in the human genome, contains a total of 1,575 structures, including 1,149 genes and 426 pseudogenes.

Our concept open Chromosome 9 in reading on its frame 135 to enter the implementation on our program that is started by Chromosome 15 and 19 respectively. The rest are in forty eight by twenty four (24) in pairs that are formed hexagonal by means of the followings:

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Image 3 DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 9 : Article : Nature Image 5


In general, our concept is considered as applied when there a kind of development item lies a unified assignment in hexagonal form by six (6) corresponding sets while each sets pick a combination of six (6) routes with a pairing of six (6) to six (6) of all channels.

This concept is developed by observation on taking the sign of nature or specific phenomena that lives on this universe which are sometimes not easy to define of what the true is. What we need to do is to find a way to understand the uniformity when they speak on their languages. Here we mention the person whose by their great contribution to this world were inspired us on building the concept.

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Why us


This site is not standing alone. As called by our concept of formation then there are four 'hyip' sites including this site. One of them takes a deep configuration to maintain the formation being created.

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We have also setup a site to represent a controlling process between the formation. An individual process will behave like a route in a formation. There are six kind of routes involved in all 'hyips' system.

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Another site is built in conjuction to the mapping of routing on achieving a settlement. In line with our unified formation you may find there that they are also six kind of channels but folded in pairing.

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